About Us

  • Our mission as ACS team is to offer the best supply solutions for our customers who are involved in manufacturing business throughout the globe.
  • We have the expertise to source all needed equipment for factories and other affiliates within Turkey, via competitive conditions. Our first priority is
  • to support our customers gain and grow, together with this to help them source the products they need with best prices and of highest quality. 




Our values as ACS family



-          Ensure the products we supply have %100 compliance with health and safety regulations of the customer’s country and company.


-          Act according to the local laws and ethical rules of the countries we supply products and services.


-          Keep our customer and supplier commercial data confidential under any circumstances.


-          Be open to change and encourage innovation.


-          Support our customers in order to increase quality of life&work with healthy, reliable and innovative products and services.


-          Respect environment and nature.